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We provide high quality services that meet the standards of excellence, discipline, effective knowledge, creativity and clarity.

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Our Work

برّ الوالدين – بركة

السجون – وزارة العمل و التنمية الاجتماعية السعودية

مدارس تقارب

Drone service

Drone services, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services, is the emerging market for services built around flying robots that can be remote-controlled or flown autonomously using software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems.

A new production for the Jebnalak app

How to produce Motion Graphics Videos

As a professional motion graphics company, we always seek to stay on top.Thus we established an excellent production process to provide the best outcome to our clients. This process includes the following steps:

3D Motion Graphics Videos

Our Dots

Dot Academy is an online educational platform, offering a range of courses and training programs in the world of media, e-marketing, application programming, web design, in addition to general skills, by professional specialists in those fields, presented in the Arabic language.

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Dot Kids A project presented with love for every Arab child, the most important thing that distinguishes us is that we contribute to the development of your children’s abilities, to create a more beautiful future for them.

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Tag  discover young and current designs on a variety of clothing and everyday items that add life and appreciate what we already have, as well as high-quality printed designs

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ZOZO shops A game shop, a fun platform, we encourage learning through play and creative development in children, It’s all in the best of quality and price.

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Smart Media who create digital motions video, animation graphics, and social media content for world-leading brands.
We pride ourself on our in-house capabilities to turn projects around at pace while also ensuring that content is well-produced for online audiences.

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